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Northgate Terrace IMPORTANT Notices

11 Jan 2019

If you want to find out the current status
of the new water filtration, click HERE.


20 Dec 2018

King Water will be doing meter installations today. There is a possibility of water shutoffs  (a couple of hours at most). At this point, we can not give a definitive time frame.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience.

19 Dec 2018

Water Filtration System Installation update

The current status on the water filtration system:
The engineer is currently waiting for state approval of the filtration project. Once that is completed, the job must be sent out for bids. The HOA board will keep you updated on the status of this project.

Also, there are around fifty (50) meters left to be installed. Water must be shut off to certain parts of NGT for installation. We will attempt to keep everyone updated (via this page), however, we are unable to provide a schedule at this time due to unforeseen circumstances that arise at other sites.

Social Media pages

A Facebook page has been created for the residents of Northgate Terrace. While that is fine and no problem, the NGTCC board has no affiliation or input with that page, nor any other website.

The HOA board can not be contacted via those pages, but only through the CONTACT US on this page.

At the Annual NGTCC Meeting on 05/10/2018, the board announced that a new filtration system
was being put into place to fix the dirty water problem (This system will be installed in the near future
). The cost has drained our Catastrophic Fund, which MUST have funds to apply for a government grant/loan, which we will be applying for to fix our aging infrastructure throughout the neighborhood. Also, any assistance from the federal government will not subsidize our water dues, which have been too low.

For this reason, the assembled homeowners took a vote and (with four nay votes) it was determined to increase to the following PERMANENT rates:

Water Dues $350
Assessment Fee $465
Total $815

If there are any concerns/objections, monthly board meetings are second Thursday of each month in the clubhouse (4330 Childrens) at 6:00 PM.
NGTCC homeowners are ENCOURAGED (and renters ALLOWED, without voting privileges) to attend this meeting and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS and suggestions.


King Water Flushing Schedule for Winter 2019 (Second Thursday of the month 9AM-5PM, also the day of the monthly board meeting)    

10 Jan 2019
14 Feb 2019
14 Mar 2019
11 Apr 2019

Note: With the new filtration system, the frequency of system flushes will decrease. For
that reason, this schedule is subject to change.

For ANY issues regarding water (quality, odor, pressure, etc.), please call King Water.

After all, if King Water isn't aware of the problem, it can't be fixed.

Contact information for King Water:
Business Hours (9 AM - 5 PM): (360) 678-5336

After Hours: (888) 266-7048


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