Important Notices

Northgate Terrace IMPORTANT Notices

04 July 2018 - Break Ins

It has come to our attention that there has been numerous break-ins throughout the neighborhood.  Please be advised that homes and cars should be locked and all valuables properly secured. The Sheriff's Department is aware of the situation. If you feel that you have been the victim of a crime, please call 911 IMMEDIATELY!!!

05 June 2018 - Annual Water Dues/Assessment Fees

NOTE: Do NOT contact King Water to complain about the rate increase. This increase has been
voted on by the community and put in place by the Northgate Terrace Board.  King Water is
abiding by our wishes.

At the Annual NGTCC Meeting on 05/10/2018, the board announced that a new filtration system
was being put into place to fix the dirty water problem (This system should be in place by the end

of October 2018). This fix has drained the Catastrophic Fund, which MUST have funds to apply for a government grant/loan, which we will be applying for to fix our aging infrastructure throughout the neighborhood.

For this reason, the assembled homeowners took a vote and (with four nay votes) it was determined to increase to the following PERMANENT rates:

Water Dues $350
Assessment Fee $465
Total $815

If there are any concerns/objections, the next board meeting will be on July 12, 2018 at 6:00 PM.
NGTCC homeowners are ENCOURAGED to attend this meeting and offer CONSTRUCTIVE 
CRITICISMS and suggestions.



King Water Flushing Schedule for Summer 2018 (Second Thursday of the month, also the day of the monthly board meeting)    

12 July
09 Aug
13 Sep
11 Oct

Note: With the new filtration system, the frequency of system flushes will decrease. For
that reason, this schedule is subject to change.

For ANY issues regarding water (quality, odor, pressure, etc.), please call King Water.

After all, if King Water isn't aware of the problem, it can't be fixed.

Contact information for King Water:
Business Hours (9 AM - 5 PM): (360) 678-5336

After Hours: (888) 266-7048


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